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Dr Thomas Krieg, a Principal Investigator in the Department of Medicine, used Erasmus+ funding for a teaching exchange with Dr Fabio di  Lisa at the Università degli Studi di Padova (University of Padua). Dr Krieg taught part of an undergraduate course in Pharmacy at Padua while Dr di Lisa gave a postgraduate seminar at Cambridge. For Dr Krieg, teaching in Padua and working with the students there, some of whom have since chosen to pursue research at Cambridge, were enjoyable and advantageous. Another major benefit of this exchange was the opportunity it offered to strengthen his professional relationship with Dr di Lisa. He and Dr di Lisa have gone on to establish a collaborative research project for which they now hold two joint grants. Dr Krieg says Erasmus+ is a user-friendly scheme, light on bureaucracy, whose benefits for academics ‘go way beyond teaching’.

Latest news

Student-Led Teaching Awards ceremony

12 May 2017

The Student-Led Teaching Awards ceremony was held on 9 May in the University Combination Room. As Professor Graham Virgo, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education, observed in his opening address, the Student-Led Teaching Awards are special because they are ‘student-led, student-organised, student-voted, and student-decided’. The...

2017 Teaching Forum: More of this please!

28 March 2017

"All the talks I attended taught me things I didn't know and which I am glad to have learned" "I found the sessions were very interesting and inspiring. It was great to hear from people from different fields" Colleagues from across the collegiate University joined together last week at Churchill College for the Cambridge...