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The supervision, and other methods of small group teaching, are a valuable and unique part of the educational experience at Cambridge.  These case studies focus on the ways in which supervision practice can be enhanced or supported.  Whilst there may be some overlap in context with our Case studies about lecture practice and Case studies about enhancing student learning, all of these case studies will be specifically geared towards teaching individuals or small groups.


 Computer Laboratory: online tools for small group teaching

 This project developed a website tool to help supervisors manage supervision groups and encourage more peer learning and feedback within the groups.



Supervisions and tablets

Dr Tore Butlin of the Faculty of Engineering discusses how tablets can be used to support supervision practice.




Latest news

Student-Led Teaching Awards ceremony

12 May 2017

The Student-Led Teaching Awards ceremony was held on 9 May in the University Combination Room. As Professor Graham Virgo, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education, observed in his opening address, the Student-Led Teaching Awards are special because they are ‘student-led, student-organised, student-voted, and student-decided’. The...

2017 Teaching Forum: More of this please!

28 March 2017

"All the talks I attended taught me things I didn't know and which I am glad to have learned" "I found the sessions were very interesting and inspiring. It was great to hear from people from different fields" Colleagues from across the collegiate University joined together last week at Churchill College for the Cambridge...