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Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties: Identification and Diagnosis (Briefing)

This two-hour course reviews and explains the process of getting a diagnosis of a specific learning difficulty (SpLD) from the first observation of a difficulty to the point at which support is in place. It will focus on dyslexia the areas of difficulty experienced by students with such diagnoses and how proposed adjustments are helpful. Factors to consider when recommending a student for an assessment will also be discussed.

The course is a useful precursor to either Teaching Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (Briefing) or Specific Learning Difficulties: What Administrators Need to Know (Briefing).

This workshop runs once during Michaelmas Term.  

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Specific Learning Difficulties: What Administrators Need to Know (Briefing)

 A two-hour briefing which explores barriers related to administration experienced by students with Specific Learning Difficulties (such as dyslexia), and how these can be overcome. It will review how best to manage the requirements of students with Specific Learning Difficulties, increase the support you can offer and identify the systems you need to employ. It will review the processes involved in setting up and managing student support.  The course will focus on dyslexia, dyspraxia and dysgraphia.

This course runs once in the Michaelmas term and once in the Lent term. 

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Student Support Documents in Practice

A participative 1.25-hour workshop which discusses the role of the Student Support Document (SSD) and looks at how it can be used to make the support of disabled students straightforward for all involved. Through review and discussion of sample SSDs and associated case studies the session will highlight areas where barriers could exist and best practice in avoiding them. The workshop provides an opportunity to discuss best practice and work through any concerns about implementing support for students.

This workshop runs once a year, during Michaelmas. 

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Supporting Postgraduate Students with Mental Health Difficulties

A participative, discussion-based two-hour workshop which provides an opportunity to reflect on how students with mental health difficulties can be supported in postgraduate study. The workshop covers best practice in supporting students and update on services available to all involved.

This workshop runs once during Lent Term. 

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Supporting Students in Distress: Boundaries & Boomerangs

This participative two-hour workshop enables attendees to confidentially discuss their reactions to students in emotional distress and consider effective ways of supporting them while managing attendees own boundaries. The session is conducted in a relaxed and open way and will result in those attending feeling more confident in these interactions. The workshop also updates attendees on available sources of local support for students.

This workshop will run once during Michaelmas Term.

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8 March 2017

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7 February 2017

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