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Teaching Disabled Students (Briefing)

This participative 1.25-hour workshop identifies where barriers could exist for disabled students. It provides an opportunity to discuss best practice and any concerns relating to your area of work. The session focuses on practical strategies and advance planning to create more inclusive learning environments.

This workshop runs once during Michaelmas Term and once during Lent Term.

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Teaching Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (Such as Asperger's Syndrome): Briefing

This 1.25-hour workshop considers the teaching and learning strategies helpful when working with students with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD, such as Asperger’s Syndrome). During the workshop, we will reflect on common barriers experienced by students with ASD and ways of removing these.

This workshop runs once during Michaelmas Term.

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Teaching Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (Briefing)

This two-hour course considers the academic barriers experienced by students with Specific Learning Difficulties. It covers a range of teaching environments and increase your awareness of best practice in implementing support. Most importantly it gives practical advice about best practice to ensure an effective learning environment for all involved. The course focuses on dyslexia, dyspraxia and dysgraphia.

This workshop runs once during Michaelmas Term.

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Latest news

Student-Led Teaching Awards ceremony

12 May 2017

The Student-Led Teaching Awards ceremony was held on 9 May in the University Combination Room. As Professor Graham Virgo, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education, observed in his opening address, the Student-Led Teaching Awards are special because they are ‘student-led, student-organised, student-voted, and student-decided’. The...

2017 Teaching Forum: More of this please!

28 March 2017

"All the talks I attended taught me things I didn't know and which I am glad to have learned" "I found the sessions were very interesting and inspiring. It was great to hear from people from different fields" Colleagues from across the collegiate University joined together last week at Churchill College for the Cambridge...