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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


The Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning (CCTL) Steering Committee is a joint body of the General Board's Education Committee and the Senior Tutor's Standing Committee on Education. Its primary objective is to manage the strategic and operational direction of the CCTL by a focus for educational enhancement in taught programmes in collegiate Cambridge.



Ideally the members will include a representation of science and humanities subjects and a current, or previous, Director of Teaching, along with a current, or previous, Director of Studies.


A          Chair, appointed by the General Board’s Education Committee

Professor Graham Virgo, PVC Education (DOW)


B          5 members approved by the General Board’s Education Committee

Dr Michelle Ellefson (Faculty of Education; CAI)

Professor James Gazzard (ICE)

Professor Richard Prager (Faculty of Engineering; Q)

Professor Alun Williams (Department of Veterinary Medicine; W)

Professor Kasia Jaszczolt (Faculty of MML; N)


C          6 members appointed by the Senior Tutors’ Standing Committee on Education

Dr Sandra Fulton (G; Department of Biochemistry)

Dr Robert Henderson (EM; Department of Pharmacology)

Dr James Kelly (Q; Faculty of English

Dr Julia Shvets (CHR; Faculty of Economics)

Dr Nicholas White (EM; Department of French)

Dr Rumania Yotova (LC; Faculty of Law)


D          1 student representative (CUSU Education Officer)

Ms Martha Krish


E          Secretary

Ms Amelia Beach


F          In attendance

ESP representative: Ms Daniela Manca, Deputy Head of ESP

Library representative: Libby Tilley, Faculty of English Library

CCTL representative: Dr Meg Tait, Head of the CCTL

UIS representative: John Norman, Director of Digital Services

DRC representative: John Harding, Head of the DRC


CCTL Brochure