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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


These case studies address ways in which you can help students to engage with their learning.  Whilst there may be some overlap in context between our Case studies about lecture practice and Case studies about small group teaching, these pages focus specifically on the student experience.


MOOCs, SOCCs, and kisses

This article, by Dr Jenny Bavidge of the Institute for Continuing Education, reflects on the unique challenges of online courses.




Faculty of English: English Literature Timeline

This project was funded through the Teaching & Learning Innovation Fund, and sought to develop a programme of English literature classes to address transition from school to University, and research skills.  The end result is an interactive online timeline of relevant information about authors that students study.  Information is uploaded by students themselves and links reading lists to contextual information.



Moodle Good Practice Guide

The Moodle team have developed a good practice guide, which has tips to help you make the most of your Moodle site.  The team also offer training courses for University staff; these are short (1.5-3 hours) hands-on courses on a regular basis.  Introductory courses are held weekly, with more advanced courses on a monthly basis.