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Many first year students find laboratory classes stressful, due to a lack of practical science experience in school. Using an innovative 'students as producers' model, Moodle-based resources including quizzes and videos were developed for students to use before and after attending practicals, to aid preparation and consolidation. The resources were developed in partnership with undergraduate summer students, and have been designed to increase student engagement and to maximise learning gains without significantly adding to workload.

Further reading:

Katharine E. Hubbard , Rachel Brown, Sam Deans, María Paz García, Mihai-Grigore Pruna & Matthew J. Mason (2017) Undergraduate students as co-producers in the creation of first-year practical class resources, Higher Education Pedagogies, 2:1, 58-78, DOI: 10.1080/23752696.2017.1338529.