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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning

Students lining up outside the Senate House for graduation

Note: we are currently reviewing our provision of this workshop series for 2022-23 and will update this page shortly.


This workshop series is an opportunity for staff to engage in discussion about awarding gaps: what the current available data tell us about awarding gaps in course and College contexts, and how we might most effectively address these. Staff and students involved in relevant initiatives will present some of their findings, but the focus will be on discussion and considering practical steps forward.

Anybody from the University with an interest in investigating awarding gaps in Department, Faculty or College contexts is welcome to attend any or all of the workshops.

Before attending workshop 1, you must register for access to the Tableau Server.


Workshop 1. How do you know if you have an awarding gap?
Thursday 4 November 2021

Workshop 2. What are the reasons for your awarding gaps?
Thursday 10 February 2022

Workshop 3. What works to narrow awarding gaps?
Thursday 5 May 2022


Developed in collaboration with the Business Information Team and Equality & Diversity.