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A speaker at the Cambridge Teaching Forum

Lecturing: Performance

Focused on the practical element of delivery, this couse will provide you with the opportunity to explore techniques for connecting emotionally and intellectually with an audience, along with overcoming nerves. We will look at how to handle questions effectively and practise vocal techniques.

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Voice Projection

Learn to improve your vocal projection through a variety of physical and vocal exercises practised by actors: be prepared to relax, kick off your shoes and lie on the floor!

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Voice and Presentation (one-to-one)

Individualised, confidential one-hour sessions providing an opportunity to set objectives and work on exercises to reduce vocal strain, improve vocal range, variety, clarity and pronunciation, and hold the attention of an audience.

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Teaching and Communicating with Impact (one-to-one)

Individualised, confidential one-hour sessions helping you to refine your teaching and presentation skills. Coaching will focus on your individual requirements, from elocution and voice projection, though holding the attention of a room, to structuring a compelling lecture.

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Voice and Pronounciation for Non-native English Speakers

For non-native speakers of English who would like to incorporate Standard English pronunciation into your everyday speech, while maintaining positive aspects of your natural accent.

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