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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


The links below are to external sites across the University, which host resources to help support teaching and learning.


Transkills - study skills resources for first-year undergraduates

This site has a number of discipline-specific online study resources designed to assist in the transition from school to University, that you can adapt for use in supervisions. Note that not all subjects are represented here.

Researcher Development Programme

Useful for supervisors of graduate students, this programme is designed to support PhD students from all discplines, complementing School and Departmental training.

Plagiarism and good academic practice

The University's website on plagiarism and scholarship skills, including identifying and avoiding plagiarism, appropriate referencing, and use of Turnitin UK at the University.

University Timetable

The Timetable offers information on each open teaching course (note that some closed courses are not represented here), and can assist in scheduling supervisions.

Counselling Service self-help leaflets

The Counselling Service offers a number of self-help leaflets in overcoming issues that may affect academic performance, including: procrastination, concentration, perfectionism, work-block, anxiety and panic, and examination stress.


CamCORS is the Cambridge College Online Reporting System for Supervisions. CamCORS is owned by the Colleges and is used for supervisors to provide updates on student progression.

Cambridge Graduate Supervision Reporting System (CGSRS)

CGSRS is the method by which supervisors of graduate students submit termly reports on student progress. All reports are reviewed by the Degree Committee, the College, and the student.

Code of Practice for Research Degrees

The University's Code of Practice for Research Degrees outlines the responsibilities and expectations of students, supervisors, and Degree Committees in relation to graduate research students.

Research Integrity website

The Research Office offers webpages on Research Integrity, including checklists of good practice, research ethics, and available training.