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Lecturing performance

A half-day workshop in which participants focus on the practical elements of giving a lecture, including techniques to help lecturers connect emotionally and intellectually with their audiences, overcome nerves and handle questions effectively, and practise vocal techniques.

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Voice projection: an introduction 

A half-day course in which participants learn to improve vocal projection through a variety of physical and vocal exercises practised by actors.  Be prepared to relax, kick off your shoes and lie on the floor!

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Voice and presentation (one-to-one)

Individualised, confidential one-hour sessions providing opportunities to set objectives and work on exercises to reduce vocal strain, improve vocal range, variety, clarity and pronunciation and hold the attention of an audience.

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Voice and pronounciation for non-native English speakers 

A half-day workshop for non-native speakers of English who would like to incorporate Standard English pronunciation into everyday speech, while maintaining positive aspects of your natural accent.

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