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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


We have provided guides to a variety of educational technologies, including those supported by the University. You can access these via links in the menu bar.

When selecting any educational technology, it is essential to ensure that the teaching is accessible and inclusive for all; this is discussed throughout our guides to teaching in 2020-21.

The Disability Resource Centre have also provided guidance for teaching online if you are working with students with specific disabilities: working with disabled students.


Selecting which tool

Selecting software or tools for different teaching activities

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Screensharing and collaborative whiteboard

How to share your screen or touch-screen device and collaborate with students in the same space in realtime

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Supervisions with Teams

A quick guide to using Microsoft Teams for supervisions

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Supervisions with Google Meet

A brief guide for getting started with Google Meet

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Supervisions with Zoom

A brief guide to help you conduct your first supervision using Zoom

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Large-group teaching

Classes with Google Meet

A quick guide to conducting classes with Google Meet

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Classes with Teams

Setting up for your first supervision with Microsoft Teams

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Classes with Zoom

Getting started with Zoom for classes and seminars

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Breakout rooms with Google Meet

How to use Google Meet to make breakout rooms

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Accessible recorded lectures

Guidelines from the Disablity Resource Centre for creating accessible recorded online lectures

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Moodle Assignments

Find out how to use the Assignment activity in Moodle to receive work from students and return marks and feedback to them.

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Moodle Chat

Use Moodle's Chat to have synchronous discussions between students and teachers who are online simultaneously.

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Moodle Quiz

Use the Quiz activity in Moodle to assess your students’ knowledge by posing a series of questions in a variety of formats.

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Moodle Forum

Find out how you can use Moodle's Forum activity with students - it's one of the most versatile communication tools within Moodle.

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Lecture capture with Panopto

Information about lecture capture using Panopto, an online platform for creating, managing and publishing educational videos online.

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Breakout rooms with Teams

How to use MS Teams to make breakout rooms

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Breakout rooms with Zoom

How to use Zoom to make breakout rooms

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