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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


The Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund (TLIF) provides start-up funding for projects exploring creative and innovative approaches to the enhancement of education.


Applications for projects running over 2019-20 are now closed

Up to ten grants are normally awarded each year. Any project that has a focus on innovative approaches to enhancing education in the Cambridge teaching and learning context will be considered. While projects that engage with digital education are encouraged, proposals do not need to foreground educational technologies or online learning.

Projects responding to issues with relevance beyond a single subject or discipline are also welcome, and applicants are asked to consider designing in opportunities for collaboration, evaluation and sustainability. 


Changes to TLIF in 2019

For the 2019 round currently being advertised, a number of changes from previous years have been made to the process. Based on the findings of a review of previous projects, the process will now:

  • be undertaken over a longer period across a full academic year;
  • involve more support and networking opportunities provided to project teams;
  • require a much stronger alignment to the University's strategic priorities for education.


For details of the application process and what successful applicants can expect, please see 'Applying to TLIF'.

For advice on eligibility and suitable funding requests, please see 'Eligibility'.

For information on the support sessions held for prospective applicants, please see 'Support for Applicants'.

For examples of previous successfully funded projects, please see 'Previous Projects'.


The TLIF is coordinated by a sub-committee of the CCTL, the Digital Teaching and Learning Sub-committee (formerly the Teaching and Learning Services Steering Group).