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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


Details of applying for the 2019-21 round will be provided in due course


Advice and support can be found in the TLIF Guide 2019-20. Please also see 'Eligibility'.

There will be a Q&A Session for prospective applicants in February.


What are the criteria?

Project proposals will be assessed against the following:

  1. The clarity of focus for the project and the appropriateness of the planned activities
    - The project's alignment to relevant strategic priority areas
    - Clear explanation of the project innovation or contribution to enhancing education within the University of Cambridge context
    - Well-designed methods, including data collection and evaluation, that align with the project's aims and anticipated success criteria
  2. The benefit to the wider disciplinary, Faculty, School or University community
    - The project's planned collaboration (for example, involvement of project members from other departments of disciplines, students as partners)
    - Potential for transferability sustainability (for example, plan for sharing outcomes across courses, faculties or Schools, possible future expansion of the project)
  3. The financial plan
    - Logical relationship between the request for funds and the planned activities
    - Clear presentation and/or explanation of financial calculations (for example, in terms of costs and quantities, rates of pay, etc.)



It is expected that all projects will commence mid 2019 and be completed within 18 months of funding. Final reports are due at the end of 2020 and any unspent money is expected to be returned to the fund.


Q&A session for prospective applicants: 1pm Thursday 14 February

Applications due: 5pm Monday 25 March 2019

Grants announced: mid-May 2019

First TLIF network event: July 2019

Progress Report 1 due: end September 2019

Progress Report 2 due: early January 2020

Progress Report 3 due: early April 2020

End of funding cycle (all funds spent or returned): end July 2020

Final Report due: end September 2020

Showcase event: October 2020


Expectations for Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will be asked to contribute to activities sponsored by the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning.

For instance, project teams will be expected to produce short termly reports about their activities and progress. Project members will also be encouraged to engage in the TLIF Network across the lifespan of their project, with regular networking events. These will provide project teams with the opportunity to connect with a network of peers who are facing similar challenges and reflect on, document and share their experiences during the course of the project.

Towards the end of the funding cycle, teams will be expected to provide documentation and relevant digital artefacts for showcasing projects on the CCTL website.


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