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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


Who can apply?

The TLIF is open to all members of the collegiate University interested in learning and teaching, including academics and professionals, students and staff. Applications may be made by individuals or teams, although teams are strongly encouraged. Students and staff on short-term contracts are encouraged to apply, but there is an expectation that the Project Leader be someone contracted to the University of Cambridge beyond the planned life-span of the project.


What can be funded?


Examples of costs that might be funded:

  • Software licence (for duration of the project; note that Procurement should be consulted prior to licence purchases to ensure compliance with financial regulations)
  • Equipment hire or purchase necessary for successful completion of the project
  • Transcriptions
  • Research assistant
  • Student support payment
  • Catering for focus groups
  • Workshops or events
  • Conference registration


Examples of costs that wouldn't normally be funded:

  • Software licence beyond the 18-month TLIF timeframe
  • Standard equipment requests
  • Literature reviews
  • Travel (*unless negotiated as part of the dissemination activities)
  • Teaching relief (*though a persuasive case may be presented in the application)

Latest news

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1 November 2019

The Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning has recently launched the new Cambridge Teaching & Learning Newsletter , in collaboration with our partners in the Technology-Enabled Learning Programme of the Cambridge University Press. The archives of the newsletter will shortly be available at the link above, as well...

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018-20 Teaching, Learning & Innovation Fund

1 October 2019

In the spring of 2019 applications were received for the Teaching, Learning and Innovation Fund awards. We were delighted by the enthusiastic response, with 17 applications received across the University's six Schools. Five * grants were awarded and our congratulations are extended to all the winners: Project Lead Project...