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Over the last eight years the Teaching and Learning Innovation Fund has awarded grants to 51 projects; an average of seven per year.

Reviewing the proposals successful in securing a grant indicates that while projects with a strong digital focus have certainly flourished, there have also been a number of projects over the years that were not explicitly related to technology-enhanced learning. This year the fund again encourages creative and exploratory projects that focus on enhancing or innovating educational practices at Cambridges, and notes that non-technological projects are also welcome.

The TLIF can award up to ten grants per year, to a maximum value of £20,000 each, though the majority of previous project required smaller budgets.

While previously projects have identified with single disciplines or departments, we strongly encourage multi-disciplinary or collaborative teams, or projects that focus on issues with relevance to other disciplines or contexts.



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Changes to TLIF in 2018


From the 2018-2019 academic year, a number of changes were made to the TLIF process based on the findings of a review of previous projects. The process now:

  • is undertaken over a longer period across a full academic year;
  • involves more support and networking opportunities provided to project teams;
  • requires a much stronger alignment to the University's stategic priorities for education.


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