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Portrait Photo of Zhenghao Li

Portrait Photo of Katie-Lou White

Zhenghao Li and Katie-Lou White

Highly Commended, Academic / College Representative

Katie-Lou and Zhenghao have been outstanding student representatives even before the Covid pandemic, but their work became both more intense and more central during the last Term. They jointly represent the Part II student cohort in the Consultative Committee of the Department of Physics, and Katie-Lou additionally sits on the Faculty Board. Their work has been outstanding from the beginning in highlighting important issues and holding the Department to account, while proposing workable solutions.

Part II, where some students require a class to graduate while many others continue into Part III, naturally presented the largest challenge this year and required a somewhat less straightforward assessment scheme. They rose to the crisis and independently organised several online questionnaires for the students that reached most of the cohort. They could thereby provide us with qualified feedback on our initial plans and a confident assessment of the students' views that proved essential to making the whole system work.


Zhenghao Li and Katie-Lou White are both third-year Undergraduates (2019-20) reading Physics at Peterhouse College and Churchill College respectively.

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