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While students are commonly engaged in course evaluations and in departmental committees, it is becoming more common for institutions to go beyond these opportunities to engage with the student voice and recruit students as partners in projects to enhance the design, delivery and experience of education. Partnership is a process of student engagement, where staff and students learn and work together. In this approach, student engagement becomes a partnership relationship in which all participants are actively engaged in and stand to gain from the process of learning and working together. This approach recognises that engaged student learning is positively linked with learning gain and achievement.


Guiding Principle 6: Work with students as partners

Students’ education should encourage and facilitate their active engagement in learning. Staff-student partnerships and student-led activities can make valuable contributions to course enhancement and inclusion, and these activities may be purposefully integrated into programmes as well as extra-curricular.


Example of practice:

"During the project, I think the fact that throughout the whole process we were really given the chance to take control of the project whilst still receiving so much help and support really worked in creating a project that I was really proud of. This meant that throughout the project, there was a feeling of accomplishment and hope for better change. Especially because of the fact that we were then given the opportunity to actually present it ourselves to members of the University was a really amazing opportunity."

- Student co-researcher, APP Participatory Action Research Project

Strategies used:

  • Engaging students as partners in learning and teaching
  • Ensuring diverse perspectives
  • Gaining insight into student experiences
  • Empowering students


Suggesting readings


Download the inclusive staff & student engagement self-evaluation checklist. This provides prompts for reflection about the inclusivity of your practices.