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Cambridge examples

The short case studies in this section have been collected from staff purposefully working to integrate inclusives practices into their teaching or educational engagement with students. They illustrate the practical implementation of the Guiding Principles of Inclusive Teaching and Learning.

We will add more examples as we identify them. If you have, or are aware of, examples of effective practice to address awarding gaps through inclusive curriculum design, teaching, learning or assessment practice, please contact the Awarding Gaps Consultation Team.


  1. Examples of inclusive curriculum design
  2. Examples of inclusive assessment & feedback
  3. Examples of inclusive teaching practices
  4. Examples of inclusive learning environments
  5. Examples of inclusive staff & student engagement


Sector-wide guidance

You may also be interested in finding out more about what other universities are doing about awarding gaps. The Office of Students provides useful information about effective practices to address awarding gaps through inclusive practices from a range of higher education institutions: