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Research question

Does a focus on decolonisation of teaching and learning provide more opportunities for a shared understanding of the connection between decolonisation and awarding gaps, that might be helpful for both students and staff?


Project team

  • Ntombizodwa Makuyana, postgraduate student studying Biological Sciences
  • Mojola Akinyemi, undergraduate student reading English


Project report



This project's aim was to understand staff members' perceived relevance of decolonisation across multiple disciplines on various aspects of teaching and learning practices. The findings of the research showed that STEMM disciplines face difficulties in implementing decolonisation teaching practices due to the nature of the content, while for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences classes are more discussion-based, making it easier to establish a student-led environment. However, all disciplines studied raised concerns about the need for more protected time and training / resources for them to fully implement decolonisation initiatives. From the surveys and interviews, it is clear that there is a need for more decolonisation initiatives and general support from superiors or departmental staff to effectively implement the decolonisation of teaching practices.