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This award recognises the contribution that students make to enhancing educational practices at the University of Cambridge.

CCTL are delighted to be offering these awards again after a highly successful pilot last year, and would like to encourage members of the collegiate University (staff and students alike) once again to show our appreciation of our students' efforts to improve the learning and teaching experiences of their peers, and to celebrate their contributions to enhancing the excellence of Cambridge education through their voluntary or extracurricular activities.


Congratulations to the 2020 winners!

Thank you to everybody who submitted a nomination. The full shortlists and profiles of the winners can be found via the OSCEA Winners 2020 page.

For more information on the selection criteria used for judging, please see the Nominations Process.



Award categories - click for details

Being an elected representative, whether academic, JCR or MCR, allows students to work with their institutions to resolve issues raised by their peers, and work together with CUSU to share good practice or even contribute to larger-scale institutional changes. Students might be nominated for going above and beyond in representing the student voice on teaching and learning matters.

Our students play an integral role in the University’s efforts to widen access and reach the public through outreach efforts. Students might be nominated for going above and beyond in their voluntary efforts at outreach or access events or mentoring schemes, or for their own initiatives in these areas. They might contribute to institutional reviews relating to access, or step up to advocate for change.

In light of the University's commitment to widening access and participation, it is important to acknowledge the outstanding work undertaken by students in giving voice to underrepresented cohorts, and in driving initiatives to improve the educational experience of all. Students might be nominated for their voluntary or extracurricular initiatives, or for stepping up to demonstrate or advocate for particular inclusive teaching and learning practices.

The transition to university can be challenging, and the voluntary contributions by students in supporting their peers are often unrecognised but of great value to the university community. Students might be nominated for their outstanding voluntary contributions to supporting their peers’ learning in small or large ways, for instance in taking the initiative to set up a study group, or in department-wide or College extra-curricular initiatives.

The contributions that students make towards inspiring, informing or founding new approaches to educational practice usually go unrecognised. Students might be nominated for their work assisting Departments, Faculties or Schools with educational review or reform. They might have driven the decision to undertake a curriculum review, or even set up a new practice entirely on their own initiative.


Further information

Full details of the award are provided in the OSCEAs Guide 2020. If you have any further queries about the nomination categories or processes, please contact Dr Ruth Laing.


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