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Portrait Photo of Ellie Payne

Portrait Photo of Emily Winson-Bushby

Ellie Payne and Emily Winson-Bushby

Winners, Peer Support

Ellie Payne and Emily Winson-Busby were nominated for their initiative and dedication in setting up systems of support for students engaging with the intermission process.


Navigating intermission (taking time out from a degree) can be really tricky at the best of times, and it was an issue we within the Disabled Students' Campaign were aware of but did not have adequate support for. Ellie, over the past two years or so, and Emily for the past year, have been running Intermission Socials for students thinking about, applying for or returning from intermission, as well as running an online group completely from their own initiative.

They have liaised with the Disabled Students' Campaign, resulting in permanent positions being created on the committee, ensuring that generations of students will continue to have direct support when dealing with intermission for any reason. The peer support given to students has ranged from practical advice to a listening ear and an opportunity to make friends in similar circumstances.

If Ellie and Emily has not created this support out of nowhere, I would be trying to convince students to organise it exactly as they have done! We owe so much to them for all they have done to help students continue with their studies and move forward in a way that works for them.


Ellie Payne is a third-year Undergraduate reading Linguistics at Queens' College, and Emily Bushby-Winson is a second-year Undergraduate reading Natural Sciences at St John's College (2019-20).

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