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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


Through the workshops, programmes and events that it runs, the CCTL encourages Camridge educators to share their best ideas and learn from each other. We offer a portfolio of workshops on different aspects of teaching and academic service, as well as accredited educational development programmes at a range of levels for those who teach Cambridge students.



Please note that all workshops planned for Easter Term 2020 have been withdrawn. We are looking to provide alternatives for critical workshops as soon as possible. See also our new Teaching Remotely pages for introductory guidance on some of the immediately pressing issues for teachers.

We provide a portfolio of workshops and briefings offering opportunities for learning and development, whether you are a new or an experienced educator.



Applications for programmes running next year are currently proceeding as usual.

There are a range of longer-term programmes available at different levels to help you develop your teaching practice further.


Teaching Accreditation

Several routes exist to gain accreditation for your teaching, not just limited to the programmes we run here at the CCTL.


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