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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


The Cambridge Higher Educational Studies Research Ethics Committee has established a three-stage process by which projects are assessed for ethics review, detailed below.


Stage 1: Self-Assessment

In this stage, researchers are asked to self-assess the focus of their project as either research or evaluation of teaching, and to identify whether their study is eligible for review by CHESREC.

See the Stage 1 | Self-Assessment Checklist


Stage 2: Proportionate Review

This stage is for low-risk educational studies. Researchers are asked again to self-evaluate their projects to determine if it is suitable for a fast-tracked review by a small group of research ethics committee members only (normally within two weeks of submission of the full application).  

See the Stages 2 & 3 | Ethics Application Form


Stage 3: Full Review

This stage, for studies that involve some more serious ethics considerations, will require review by the full committee which meets once a term. Applications should be submitted a week before the meeting; see CHESREC meeting dates.

See the Stages 2 & 3 | Ethics Application Form


Submitting an Application

Applications and enquiries should be submitted to the Chair of CHESREC.