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Keynote: Assessment design for a time of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is capable of producing outputs that satisfy the requirements of some high-stakes assessments across a range of disciplines including law, medicine and engineering. This has driven concerns about a new wave of artificial intelligence-enabled cheating, as well as questions about the sustainability and authenticity of current assessment practices.

This presentation explores how assessment needs to change for a time of artificial intelligence. It draws upon work the presenter has done as one of the leaders of the major Australian project Assessment reform for a time of artificial intelligence, which was funded by the Australian higher education regulator. The presentation's main focus is resolving the tension between preparing students for a world pervaded by artificial intelligence and ensuring the integrity and security of assessment.

Prof. Phillip Dawson

Professor Phillip (Phill) Dawson is the Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) at Deakin University. His research focuses on how to address the many perceived 'threats' to assessment validity in a digital world. These threats span the use of artificial intelligence for cognitive offloading, the (in)security of online exams, assessment that is not inclusive, and beyond. His two latest books are Defending Assessment Security in a Digital World: Preventing E-Cheating and Supporting Academic Integrity in Higher Education (Routledge, 2021) and the co-edited volume Re-imagining University Assessment in a Digital World (Springer, 2020). Phill initially studied artificial intelligence and cybersecurity before his PhD in higher education. Beyond validity, he conducts broader research into assessment, which includes work on assessment design and feedback. In his spare time, Phill performs improv comedy and produces the academic-themed comedy show The Peer Revue.

Twitter: @phillipdawson

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