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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning

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This termly event brings together colleagues involved in postgraduate research (PGR) student affairs from across the University to discuss insights, share experiences and hear updates from each other.

The forum encompasses discussions beyond researcher development, extending to all aspects of PGR education and development. We aim to foster a diverse range of perspectives and insights, with attendees including academics, administrators and trainers.

Each event revolves around a specific theme and often features presentations led by one of our members highlighting ongoing projects, past achievements or proposed initiatives.

As described by one colleague:

"An excellent chance to share experience on supporting researchers over the past year and to brainstorm ideas with RD providers."


Next forum: Tuesday 19 March

At our upcoming forum, the Postgraduate Researcher Development team will present updates on new initiatives implemented this year including the central RD induction event for PGR students, our themed months and the newly introduced RD Calendar. We are keen to gather feedback and ideas from colleagues as we embark on programme planning for next year. Of particular interest is your input on the central induction event and how we can effectively coordinate between different inductions for PGR students at the beginning of the year.

We will then shift our focus to public engagement. The Public Engagement team will outline the support mechanisms available to the research and professional services community along with their training programmes, and this will be followed by an open dialogue on our collective vision for supporting students and academics on their Engaged Researcher journey.

Attendance of the forum is by invitation only, but please do get in touch with Dr Christian Gilliam if you would like to know more.

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