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Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning


Inclusive Teaching & Learning: Disabled Students

An interactive online course designed to help staff develop an understanding of best practice in the design and delivery of inclusive teaching and learning, with a specific focus on how the practical application of such an inclusive approach can remove the disadvantage many disabled students face in accessing their teaching and learning.


Content Notes

A full web-guide to the use of content notes, produced by student co-researchers in consultation with disabled student groups. The guide addresses not only why and when content notes are important for a range of students, but also practical ways that staff in different contexts can provide them.


Black Advisory Hub

Launched in May 2021, the Black Advisory Hub provides a centrally-coordinated resource for all Black students at the University, and may be useful to staff interested in learning about anti-racism work and inclusion.


Awarding Gaps

Several sources of support are available to staff looking to identify and address awarding gaps within their contexts. The newly developed Mind the Gap Toolkit includes self-evaluation tools, a glossary and more. The Awarding Gaps Consultation Team has been set up to support staff at any stage in the process, from analysing available data to operationalising interventions.