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Please note that this is a summary only: for full details see the OSCEAs Guide 2022.

Contact Ruth Laing with any further enquiries.


Who can be nominated?

Any undergraduate or postgraduate student who you think has made a significant positive impact on the educational experience at Cambridge can be nominated. A student nominated in a previous year may be nominated again, but if they were an Award Winner or Highly Commended their new nomination must not be based on the same activities.

Note that these awards are intended to recognise voluntary efforts undertaken in the capacity of a student. Compensated work or official teaching duties would thus not be an eligible basis for a nomination; there exist other awards to recognise those efforts.

Nominations can be for an individual or for a group of students, and groups may be nominated even if they included input from staff.


Who can submit a nomination?

Any current staff member or student at the University of Cambridge may submit a nomination. You may nominate as many students or groups as you wish - just remember to fill in a separate nomination form for each group!


Selection criteria

Winners will be selected based on meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • A positive contribution to the nominated student's educational community that goes above and beyond
  • A key role in stimulating other students' engagement with their learning and teaching experiences
  • A positive impact in representing other students' voices on issues related to learning and teaching
  • Leadership in driving initiatives, projects or events focused on enhancing the educational experience of other students at Cambridge

CCTL will review nominations according to these criteria and create a longlist for each category of award. These will be considered by a selection panel, who will agree a shortlist (Highly Commended) and Winner(s) for each category. Some weight may be given to the number of nominations received for a particular student, but multiple nominations are not necessary to secure an award, nor do they guarantee an award.

CCTL and the selection panel reserve the right to move a nomination to a different award category if they deem it appropriate, the right to declare multiple winners for a particular category, and the right not to declare a winner for a particular category.

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