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The Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre facilitates a suite of short courses on teaching and supporting students with mental health conditions or difficulties, long-term health conditions, specific learning difficulties and autism spectrum conditions.

Please note that the programme of workshops for 2023-24 is currently under review. We will update here once finalised.


Inclusive Teaching: Disabled Students (briefing)

With increasing student numbers and a diverse student body it is hard to respond to all disabled students on an individual basis. This participative workshop identifies where barriers could exist for disabled students and provides an opportunity to discuss best practice and any concerns relating to your area of work. The session focuses on practical strategies and advance planning to create more inclusive learning environments.

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Inclusive Teaching: Students with ADHD (briefing)

This workshop considers the academic barriers experienced by students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Covering a range of teaching environments, it gives practical advice about best practice to ensure an effective learning environment for all.

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Inclusive Teaching: Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (briefing)

This workshop looks at ways of working effectively with students with specific learning difficulties. Increasing student numbers make it less feasible to rely on individual adjustments, and so this workshop focuses on practical changes based on inclusive teaching practice which enable students to achieve their potential and have a fulfilling Cambridge experience.

There are multiple versions of this course depending on the students you teach:


Supporting Postgraduate Students with Mental Health Difficulties

This participative, discussion-based workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on how students with mental health difficulties can be supported in postgraduate study. We cover best practice in supporting students and updates on services available.

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Everyday Skills: Working with Students in Distress

Aimed at all frontline staff, including porters, administrators, librarians, etc, this participative workshop has a focus on shorter interactions where there is no ongoing welfare role. Attendees are able to confidentially discuss the impact of dealing with students in distress and how to be supportive in ways which are effective and manageable for students and staff.

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Supporting Students in Distress: Boundaries & Boomerangs

This participative workshop enables attendees to confidentially discuss their reactions to students in emotional distress and consider effective ways of supporting them while managing attendees' own boundaries. The session is conducted in a relaxed and open way and will result in those attending feeling more confident in these interactions. It also updates attendees on available sources of local support for students.

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