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Direction of Studies: support for new appointees

Directors of Studies provide essential academic guidance and support to students on an individual basis. Each year around the beginning of Michaelmas Term, a panel of Senior Tutors hold a short, interactive meeting for new DoSs to explore the role and its responsibilities; to learn what information is available to DoSs and how to access it; to understand the responsibilities of Colleges in the direction of studies, including the roles of supervisions and CamCORS; and to learn of relevant legislation, such as the Data Protection Act, and how it affects the keeping of records and the provision of references.

This workshop runs once during Michaelmas Term.

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Tutoring: support for new appointees

Tutors provide general oversight of student welfare, in the widest sense, and form an essential part of College communities and the Colleges’ provision to students. Each year around the beginning of Michaelmas Term, a panel of Senior Tutors hold a short, interactive meeting for new Tutors.  Involving mixture of group work and plenary discussions, this meeting provides new or prospective Tutors with advice and support for their students, a greater understanding of responsibilities and where to find information.

Please note that the term ‘Tutor’ as used at Cambridge does not refer to a teaching role.

This workshop runs once during Michaelmas Term.

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Admissions Selection Workshop

The Senior Tutors' Committee expects those involved in the undergraduate admissions selection process to receive appropriate training. Led by Admissions Tutors, these workshops are designed to help you make your contribution to the admissions selection process as effective as possible. They include opportunities to practise by interviewing current first-year undergraduates, using authentic paperwork, and they explain how interviews and admissions decisions relate to the University’s agreement with the Office for Fair Access (OFFA).

Workshops are run for specific groups of subjects during weekday afternoons in November and early December:

Book for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Book for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, with particular reference to language-based subjects

Book for Medical and Veterinary Sciences

Book for Biological Natural Sciences

Book for Physical Natural Sciences and Engineering

Book for Mathematics

Book for Computer Science


Admissions Interviewing: equality and diversity matters

A review of ways in which equality and diversity issues relate to admissions interviewing. Participants will consider possible responses to a number of case studies in order to explore what 'good practice' really means.

Please note: this course addresses equality and diversity considerations and is not a substitute for participation in the Admissions Selection Workshops (above). New interviewers are asked to register for one of the Admissions Selection Workshops.

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