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We were delighted by the enthusiastic response to the launch of the Outstanding Student Contribution to Education Awards, and the judging panel were highly impressed by the breadth and calibre of the nominations received. Those for the Inclusive Practice category in particular spanned such a range that the decision was taken to also select winners for an additional Access and Outreach award.

Our congratulations go out to every person who was nominated for an award. After much deliberation, we are delighted to announce the winners of the 2019 OSCEAs; the links will take you to their profiles.


Inclusive Practice


Sharon Walker | PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education

Highly Commended

Kerensa Gaunt | 4th-year Undergraduate, Modern & Medieval Languages
Hope Bretscher | PhD Candidate, Department of Physics
Jonny Tsang | PhD Candidate, Department of Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics
Ed Kiely | PhD Candidate, Department of Geography
Harum Mukhayer | PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law
Ragini Medhi | PhD Candidate, Department of Genetics


Inclusive Practice (Access and Outreach)


Ibrahim Mohammed | 3rd-year Undergraduate, Psychology
Ananya Mishra, Danika Parikh & Akshyeta Suryanarayan | PhD Candidates, Faculty of English and Department of Archaeology

Highly Commended

Finn Manders | 2nd-year Undergraduate, History
Katherine Dixon | PhD Candidate, Faculty of English
James Adams | MPhil Candidate, Faculty of Education
Olivia Slater | PhD Candidate, Faculty of Education


Peer Support


Natalie Shoup & Carlotta Ehrenzeller | MPhil Candidates, Faculty of Education
Riki Houlden | 6th-year Medicine, School of Clinical Medicine

Highly Commended

Eve Pound | 4th-year Undergraduate, Mathematics
Anna Marie Eckes | PhD Candidate, Department of Geography
Thomas O'Brien | PhD Candidate, Department of Biochemistry
Jennifer Tuckett | MPhil Candidate, Faculty of Education
Luca Messerschmidt | MPhil Candidate, International Relations


Academic Representation


Alfie Vaughan | 2nd-year Undergraduate, Modern & Medieval Languages

Highly Commended

Eva Agapaki | PhD Candidate, Department of Engineering
Nailya Shamgunova | PhD Candidate, Faculty of History
Christos Nicolaou | 3rd-year Undergraduate, Archaeology
Rory Kent | MPhil Candidate, Department of History & Philosophy of Science


College Representation


Miguel Roe | Pembroke College JCR

Highly Commended

Sarah Assaad | Emmanual College MCR


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